Applied Research

Using the Real Time Big Data and AI/Machine Learning

The DSCI has kicked off a research initiative to dive deep into the area of real time big data and AI/Machine Learning. The focus of this research is on incorporating these elements into how a company manages Demand in the Digital Supply Chain.  There are so many new sources of data available; sensor based, video, social media, IoT, etc.  Yet companies are not sure which data to capture in order to impact Demand. Furthermore, much of this data is available real time, which means that the decisions made with it can reshape short-term financial performance spectacularly. It is also apparent that machine learning and AI can be used to optimize demand. There are few sources that can provide guidance on how much a company should invest in capturing data, analyzing it and applying machine learning and AI. Crucially important topics that will be researched by the DSCI.

If you would like to learn more or participate, please email [email protected].