Applied Research

Blockchain is happening now

Blockchain is sometimes referred to as the single biggest thing since the internet. Blockchain might not be that big but it has provided the foundation upon which the entire world of Bitcoin is built. Blockchain is extremely secure, it offers deep visibility, creates trust and reduces the need for paperwork and verification. These Blockchain qualities are what are now getting the attention of DSC owners everywhere.

In fact, the Global Expert Group had identified Blockchain as a game changer in early 2016 and has developed a list of potential benefits to the supply chain. DSCI team – a non-profit entity- has studied the application of Blockchain to the DSC and is currently conducting pilots to test its effectiveness. to evaluate the implementation of the Blockchain and also look at the return on investment. Several of our DSCI member companies will conduct these DSC pilots and the plan is to deliver real benefits in a short time period.

DSCI team will also develop a Blockchain Return Index that will identify the criteria to measure the success of the Blockchain Pilot.

If you like to learn more about our Blockchain pilot initiative, please emails us at [email protected]