Applied Research

Blockchain Fitness Index

Blockchain is an emerging technology and is predicted to revolutionize Supply Chains by maximizing efficiency, security, and transparency. When it comes to proving the tangible benefits of the blockchain technology, it is still in its early days with not many results on the Proof of concepts and applications.

At the DSCI, we have been working with clients across various industries to facilitate Blockchain POC ’s, study the results and strongly opine that Blockchain technology is not a game changer for every supply chain and business. There are several factors which are needed to be considered before kick-starting any proof of Concept and with that in mind we have designed a tool called Blockchain Fitness Index (BFI). BFI is an interactive tool which allows to quickly assess the applicability, relevance, and potential of blockchain based solutions in various business divisions. It is a 10-minute assessment through which it can be determined whether Blockchain is the right fit for your business or not.


All information collected in the online assessment is kept confidential and used only by the DSCI for continued research.

For assistance on interpreting results or information on Blockchain Proof of concepts - please contact Sugathri Kolluru : [email protected]