Applied Research

Change Leadership in the Digital Era: A New Way to Accelerate Supply Chain Transformation

Change leadership and change management methods and tools are well known--and ineffective for most organizations. For years, we have been told that “the only constant is change” and that “it needs to start at the top.” We have relied on axioms like “make sure that your communications strategy involves all stakeholders,” “provide a clear call to action throughout the organization,” and “have a good business case and make sure all leaders have the same talking points.”

There are several reasons why traditional change leadership approached are no longer effective:

  • Changing People’s mindset
  • More and more interconnected world economy
  • Need of quicker rate and pace of change

One of the best examples of a new approach to change leadership is a massive online multiplayer video game launched just three years before this white paper, called Fortnite. What would happen if you adopted a more Fortnite-like approach to change leadership in your company? Change leadership in Fortnite is about three essential things that could make your supply chain organization more responsive to change, more resilient, more effective, and more efficient:

  • Shared leadership
  • Benefits-driven collaboration
  • Rapid data-driven decision-making

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