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Driving Revenue Growth Using Supply Chain Discussion

Driving Revenue Growth Using Supply Chain

02 July, 2019

09:00 AM - 10:00 AM

The primary role of a supply chain in a company has always been to drive the cost down. That role has been changing over the years as a supply chain are being evaluated on their capability to not only drive cost down but generate the revenue. Supply chains are in a unique place where they have an end-to-end vision from sourcing to consumer and data available at the hands of the supply chain can be useful to drive revenue.

Digital Supply Chain Institute is organizing an open discussion to discuss the ways and examples of driving revenue growth using supply chain.

Richard Howells is a vice president of awareness and thought the leadership of SAP digital supply chain at SAP America Inc. He is responsible for the positioning, messaging, AR, PR and go-to-market activities for the SAP Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Asset Management and Product Lifecycle Management. solutions.

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