Digital Supply Chain Executive Leadership Forum – Santiago, Chile

Event Details

Monday, May 7 - Tuesday May 8, 2018
Santiago, Chile
*Participation in this event is by invitation only

The Digital Supply Chain Institute (DSCI) of the Center for Global Enterprise is pleased to announce an exciting Executive Leadership Forum on May 7th and 8th at the ESE Business School in Santiago, Chile. This by-invitation-only event will bring together no more than 100 supply chain leaders from around the world. The goal of the meeting is to share the research conducted by the DSCI and 25 top global companies and to engage the participants in a deep discussion of transformative actions necessary to create a Digital Supply Chain. The theme for the digital transformation is the “Frontside Flip,” which captures the spirit of customer focus and demand management that will increase revenue by 10% and reduce costs by 20%.

The focus of the Executive Leadership forum will be on generating useful information and a network of fellow leaders that can help your company make the transition to a Digital Supply Chain. The overall theme is the “Frontside Flip”: how to turn the supply chain focus towards the customer and revenue growth. Several topics will be the subject of discussion where we share the research and collect your views:

  • Digital Transformation of the Value Chain: Emerging Opportunities & Challenges
  • Accelerating Digital Supply Chain Transformation in the Value Chain
  • Marketing, Sales & Customer Relations
  • People, Change Leadership and the DSC
  • Technology for Enabling Market Success 
  • Strategy, Transformation, & Choices

The event is hosted by Anastasia, SAP, and Li & Fung.


George Bailey

Digital Supply Chain Institute
George Bailey - Managing Director

Christopher G. Caine

The Center for Global Enterprise
Christopher G. Caine - President

Andres Valdivieso

Andres Valdivieso - Director, Innovation

Alfredo Enrione

ESE Center for Corporate Governance and Society
Alfredo Enrione - Director

Fernando Zerboni

IESE Business School
Fernando Zerboni - Professor

Richard Howells

Richard Howells - Vice President, IOT and Digital Supply Chain

Shaan Mulchandani

Shaan Mulchandani - Director of Technology

Shawn Muma

Digital Supply Chain Institute
Shawn Muma - Blockchain Lead

Dave Kurz

Digital Supply Chain Institute
Dave Kurz - Research Fellow

Natalia Yankovic

ESE Business School
Natalia Yankovic - Assistant Professor of Production, Technology and Operations Management

Raul Lagomarsino

ESE Business School
Raul Lagomarsino - Associate Professor of People Management

Monica Consiglio

The Center for Global Enterprise
Monica Consiglio - Chief of Staff


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