Digital Supply Chain Tools That Cut Costs, Delight Customers, And Boost Revenue

September 04, 2019

Over the next three years, the companies that are winners or losers in their markets will be determined by how well they DAAAB. DAAAB? That is what I call the collection of powerful new technology and management tools reshaping global supply chains. DAAAB stands for Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms, Analytics—all the essential elements for a digital transformation that will ultimately produce Business Results.

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The Key To Unlocking The Power Of AI: Data Trading

April 05, 2019

One of the major hurdles companies face in transforming to a Digital Supply Chain is their inability to get data from customers and suppliers—or even from other departments in their own company. Nothing new, right? What is new is the idea of “trading data” to overcome that hurdle and use as a catalyst for Digital Supply Chain transformation. Let me explain.

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