Video Series

Building blocks enabling companies to meet customer needs

November 08, 2018

Chris Caine, President, the Center for Global Enterprise, explains the building blocks that enable companies to meet their customers’ needs. Chris made these remarks during the Digital Supply Chain Institute's fifth Executive Leadership Forum at the SAP HQ in Walldorf, Germany. Over 60 supply chain executives attended the DSCI's fifth forum in October 2018.

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Expert Connect - Risk and Competitive Advantage

July 18, 2018

The Digital Supply Chain provides new, more sophisticated ways to manage risk by using technology and data to shift from a reactive to a preventative control of risks. But Digital Supply Chain risk management practices must be updated to better manage business performance and compliance risks. In many cases, the same technology investments discussed in previous sessions provide managers with the data and the tools to identify and leverage risk. In this final module, we will explore how companies can mitigate risk more effectively, potentially turning risk into a competitive advantage.

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Expert Connect - DSC Talent Strategy

July 16, 2018

Successfully evolving toward a Digital Supply Chain requires education, communication, organizational redesign, process redesign and new personnel. Learn how to create a talent development plan. This webinar will focus on talent development and utilization: identifying the skills required and finding the right talent; cross-functional collaboration; creating incentives; and identifying who makes what decisions, and at what level. We’ll also explore how some companies encourage collaboration and align their Digital Supply Chain with organizational goals.

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Expert Connect - Technology Enablers: Blockchain

June 20, 2018

Technology can be a game changer. However, using technology in a strategic way is a significant undertaking. In this week’s session, we’ll hear Aricent discuss the results of their Blockchain pilot project. In addition, we will explore the business and technical case for Blockchain technology, its application in the DSC, and the results of a recent pilot project.

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