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Digital Supply Chain Leadership Academy

Yesterday’s supply chain strategies are no longer sufficient in today’s data-driven global economy. To gain lasting competitive advantage, business leaders must transform their supply chains to capitalize on new opportunities created by innovation and disruption.

DSCI established the Digital Supply Chain Leadership Academy to focus on the development of leaders able to leverage new technologies and organizational models to analyze, plan and execute a digital supply chain strategy that optimizes performance and customer demand.

The academy connects professionals across functional areas within your organization to gain a deeper understanding of the best practices and innovative strategies to provide greater visibility, transparency and insight into customer desires. Our programs are designed to be action-oriented and easily customizable to accommodate individual sponsor goals.

Equip your team with the knowledge and skills to take advantage of new management practices and technologies to collaborate with customers and suppliers in fresh ways that will drive the creation of new products, services, and business models.

The Digital Supply Chain Academy offers a suite of executive education programs designed for:

  • Senior functional leadership of the organization (finance, sales, marketing, product development, supply chain, etc.)
  • Senior supply chain management teams
  • Direct reports of supply chain management teams