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Leading the Digital Supply Chain Executive Education Program- Cohort #2

Jan 18 to Feb 26, 2020

DSCI research has strongly demonstrated an ongoing need for executive development programs focused on Digital Supply Chain Leadership and Transformation.

In response to this need, we are pleased to announce our second Executive Education Program entitled Leading the Digital Supply Chain in collaboration with SMU/Cox School of Business. You will be hearing about the power of the Digital Supply Chain and how other companies are transitioning so that you can apply that knowledge to your company.

About the Program:

The Leading the Digital Supply Chain program will prepare you and your team to lead and accelerate the transformation of operations and supply chain by taking advantage of new management practices, a continuously expanding data reservoir, technologies such as AI and Blockchain, and new ways to collaborate with customers and suppliers.

This program will help participants develop a leadership mindset and approach for helping organizations transform into a more digital enterprise. Rather than focus on merely technical aspects, this program will develop the management and leadership imperative to help organizations change, design, develop, and measure digital operational actions. This program is highly integrated into its approach, including discussion of organizational behavior, business models and strategy, and the strategic use of technology to achieve competitive advantage. Dr. Dave Kurz, Research Fellow at DSCI will lead the program.

Who should attend?

This program is designed for supply chain transformation leaders, functional supply chain leaders (plan, source, make, deliver), and senior managers, along with select integrated functional leads (sales, marketing, finance, etc.). Ideally, each organization attending will send a cross-functional delegation responsible for digital action planning and execution. Individuals attending will be paired with peers from other organizations who are sending solo delegates. The program focuses on the supply chain but recognizes that organizational transformation requires the involvement of functions such as sales, marketing, finance, and HR.

Leading the Digital Supply Chain is now being held virtually with a series of six modules over two months. The program is designed to deliver actionable outcomes with structured on-line learning materials, combined with live learning events over Zoom. The dates of the live program modules are Jan 21, Jan 28, Feb 4, Feb 11, Feb 18, and Feb 25.

The approximate total hours per participant for the course are 3 hours every week.

Program Investments:

  • DSCI members are invited to send two delegates to the program at no cost.
  • Additional delegates are able to attend the program at a member-discounted tuition rate of $2,500.
  • Non-DSCI members are able to send individuals at the standard tuition rate of $3,000 each, with a discounted rate for each additional attendee.

Course Objectives:

Provide practical training in the technologies, organizational models and strategies to transform to a Digital Supply Chain

  • Re-think the traditional supply chain from a back-office function into a front-facing integrated role alongside sales, marketing, and product development
  • Create an internal cross-functional team mindset committed to advancing Digital Supply Chain management and innovation


  • Learn from the leading industry and academic experts in management, supply chain, and digital transformation
  • Improve collaboration and learning with a cross-functional group of peers
  • Help break down functional silos inhibiting integrated performance
  • Improve visibility into the performance and compliance of suppliers and partners
  • Develop key capabilities for a successful Digital Supply Chain transformation
  • Develop skills that can enable a dramatic increase in the speed of Digital Supply Chain transformation and the resultant increase in revenue and reduction in expense.

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