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Leading the Digital Supply Chain Course

Implementing a Digital Supply Chain requires leaders to take conscious steps toward creating a work-force culture that is demand-driven and customer-focused. Such a transition requires deliberate education and training. To help companies prepare for this transformation, DSCI has developed “Leading the Digital Supply Chain,” a 5-week online program and combined one-day, in-person workshop. The program is designed to help companies take advantage of new management practices, the expanding universe of real-time data, and emerging technologies to build a digital supply chain that is truly customer-centric.

The DSCI team has accumulated decades of experience designing and facilitating executive level strategy workshops. This program is designed to help jump-start your firm’s digital transformation. Utilizing the DSCI’s break-through “Frontside Flip” research and guides as a framework, the program will lead your team through a series of structured dialogs, with the goal of developing implementable strategies and actions. The program introduces core concepts of the Digital Supply Chain, highlights new strategic opportunities, and key performance metrics in the critical domains of Demand, People, Technology, and Risk.

Program Objectives

  • Provide practical workforce education in the technologies, organizational models and strategies to transform into a digital supply chain
  • Re-think the traditional supply chain from a back-office function into an integrated role with Sales, Marketing, and Product Development
  • Collaborate with customers and suppliers in new ways that inform the development of new products, services, and business models
  • Create a cross-functional team mindset committed to advancing digital supply chain management and innovation


  • Learn from the leading industry and academic experts in management, supply chain, digital transformation, and e-commerce
  • Collaborate with and learn from a cross-functional group of peers from your own organization
  • Develop key skills required for a successful digital supply chain transformation
  • Improve visibility into the performance and compliance of suppliers and business partners
  • Customizable program design can accommodate individual company strategic goals

Source: Screenshot of the Course topics by week from the NovoEd Learning Platform

Program Customization

Through short, targeted, interviews with program stakeholders and sponsors, the DSCI learning team will tailor the program content and discussions to the needs of the client. The program will culminate with a company-specific "Action Planning" process for targeting key metrics, strategic needs, or outcomes.

One-day Workshop

As part of “Leading the Digital Supply Chain,” DSCI will conduct a one-day, face-to-face workshop with company managers. The workshop will pick up right where the online program left off, working with managers to craft an overall strategic template for the company to use as it transitions to a digital supply chain.

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