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DSC Strategy Development Workshop

Implementing a Digital Supply Chain requires supply chain leaders take conscious steps towards creating a more demand-driven, customer-focused supply chain. Such a transition requires education and training. To help companies prepare for this transformation, the DSCI has developed “Leading the Digital Supply Chain,” a 5-week online course and combined one-day, in-person workshop.  The course is designed to help companies take advantage of new management practices, the expanding universe of data, and emerging technologies.

The DSCI team has accumulated decades of experience in designing and facilitating executive level strategy workshops. This workshop guide is designed to help shape an intervention that will jump-start your firm’s own digital transformation. Utilizing the DSCI “Frontside Flip,” demand driven research and guides as a framework, the workshop blueprint will lead your senior team through a series of structured dialogs, with the goal of developing implementable strategies and actions. The content portion of the program introduces key concepts of the Digital Supply Chain, highlights new strategies, and measures for the performance domains of Demand, People, Technology, and Risk.

For more information about the DSC strategy workshop, please contact us at [email protected]