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Digital Supply Chain Transformation Maturity Assessment

The Transformation Maturity Assessment (TMA) is part of the Digital Supply Chain Institute's (DSCI) research on performance metrics. The interactive tool allows companies to perform an on-the-spot assessment of their current supply chain. Using a combination of Traditional and Digital Supply Chain Metrics, the TMA is designed to help you measure your performance in each of the four foundational pillars of the DSC: Demand, People, Technology, Risk.

The DSC Transformation Maturity Assessment is applicable to companies in any manufacturing or service industry. The assessment is designed to help you define a clear path and determine the necessary steps required to accelerate your company’s transformation to a DSC. The tool can guide your decisions on how to allocate resources, make investments and prioritize improvements.

The secure online assessment automatically generates your score, and allows you to benchmark your results with the blinded, aggregated scores of others who have completed the assessment. All information collected in the online assessment is kept confidential and used only by the DSCI for continued research.

This free, demo version of the Transformation Maturity Assessment allows you to get the experience of how our assessment works. A much more comprehensive version of the tool is available for our Digital Supply Chain Institute Members.

For access to the comprehensive version, assistance on interpreting your results, and more information about the DSCI’s research or Transformation Maturity Assessment, please contact George Bailey at [email protected]